Jewelry Guides & Education Our goal at The Irish Jewelry Company is to equip you with a piece of Irish Jewelry to treasure always. By educating you on Irish culture and customs and about jewelry. Through our educational posts on culture, jewelry and even our buyer, and style guides based on our thirty years in the jewelry industry we hope to help you make informed decisions on buying our jewelry.
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  2. An Overview of the Irish Celtic Cross’s Origins, Symbolism, and Meanings
  3. A Couples Ring Guide – The Meaning and History
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  5. Autumnal Equinox the Celebration of Mabon
  6. Complete Guide to the June’s Birthstones
  7. April's Birthstone is Diamond
  8. What Does Gold Karat Mean?
  9. Men’s Jewelry Trends 2021-2022
  10. How the Celtic Trinity Knot Became a Modern Symbol of Love for All